David Hockney Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters


In late 90’s David Hockney and Charles Falco developed an interesting theory which states that advances in realism in the history of Western art since the Renaissance were not results of the development of artistic technique and skills but primarily the result of optical aids such as the camera obscura, camera lucida, and curved mirrors. In 2001 Hockney published the book “Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the lost techniques of the Old Masters” which is a extended form of his argument.

I had a opportunity to read the book while I was finishing my postgraduate studies in Barcelona, and I found it very impressive and for me it was certainly an “eye opener”. Here you can find and interview with David Hockney in 3 parts where he speaks about the book and his findings.

I hope it will impress you enough to go and find the book, since by my opinion his work is a “must read” for every realist painter.

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Women in art

Tina Newberry "Sitting duck"

Tina Newberry “Sitting duck”

Much has been said about women in art and still the topic just seems infinite. Personally I am not a fan of “women art” or “men art” or any other specific art, but recently I stumbled across three blogs speaking about, or better said showing art works made by women.

First is called Women painting women where you will find paintings of women done by women painters, followed by it`s sister blog Women drawing women, and for the end you can visit Women in the act of painting, a blog dedicated to paintings of women painting.

Sheila Pomeroy, "Woman`s room"

Sheila Pomeroy, “Woman`s room”

In all of the blogs you will find vast collection of works, some of great artists and so many of them still missing. We certainly will be tuned in for more

Enjoy your surfing!

Helen Masacz, "Nyanda"

Helen Masacz, “Nyanda”

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Magical world of color by Mee Shim


I had the honor to briefly meet Mee in Barcelona some years ago but unfortunately the occasion didn’t let me speak with her beyond simple few words of introduction.

That same day I checked her work on her web page and since then she didn’t cease to amaze and inspire me with her magical paintings. Her beautiful and highly elaborated portraits and narrative paintings will reveal a amazing world of color and shade in some kind of dream world between east and west.

meeshimYou can see a lot of her work and find a lot of information on her web page http://meekyungshim.com/


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Amazing linocut prints by Sherrie York


Personally, I have always considered linocut technique, like sort of “lower” form of art. Something the kids do in school and that main purpose of it is to keep kids busy and certainly not to hope for any more “noble” result coming out of it.

Well Sherrie York showed me how utterly wrong I was. Her prints are as amazing as any “noble” work of art. And the life and the air with which her works breathe would make even great master Hokusai take of his hat.

I am leaving you with few examples and you can enjoy many more of them on her web page http://www.sherrieyork.com





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Stevan Živadinović and his Hobo Lobo

It is not just that his name sounds Balkan enough to evoke some serious homesickness in me, but his web-comic Hobo Lobo is just wonderful.

It has everything a comic could wish for. Good story, great drawing and it is coming to us in pieces like in the old days when we couldn’t wait for next week to come and bring us new episode of our favourite comic.

Great work definitely worth seeing and we are anxiously waiting for more.

Read it and enjoy it on his webpage – http://hobolobo.net/

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Robert Crumb is coming to the Balkans

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of International Comics Festival which will take place from 5th until the 9th of September in Belgrade-Serbia, Robert Crumb is going to give a press conference. Since this post is coming a bit late I owe you a apology, but you are still in time to pack your bags and ride your donkey for the capital of mother Serbia. There you can stoke Robert Crumb take photos of him dancing in one of Belgrades obscure turbo-folk clubs and catch him on the 5th of September in Studentski Centar to sign your copy of Freak Brothers.

For a teaser check some of his great drawings and the documentary I placed on the bottom of this post, and if you don’t know who the hell is Robert Crumb, just check his page on http://rcrumb.com/.

Bon voyage and good luck with that donkey!

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Edward Hopper-American in Madrid

If there is somebody who doesn’t know American painter Edward Hopper, he or she will for sure know his famous painting “Nighthawks”

MUSEO THYSSEN-BORNEMISZA in Madrid is organizing Hopper’s exhibition from 12th of June until 16th of September 2012 and Valencia Art Retreat is certainly going to see his excellent works live. If you are still in doubts whether to join or not I am offering you a short video which I found on YouTube, featuring Hopper’s work spiced up with excellent music of Benny Goodman and some quotes and a poems for good measure.

Enjoy and come to meet us in Madrid.

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