Robert Crumb is coming to the Balkans

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of International Comics Festival which will take place from 5th until the 9th of September in Belgrade-Serbia, Robert Crumb is going to give a press conference. Since this post is coming a bit late I owe you a apology, but you are still in time to pack your bags and ride your donkey for the capital of mother Serbia. There you can stoke Robert Crumb take photos of him dancing in one of Belgrades obscure turbo-folk clubs and catch him on the 5th of September in Studentski Centar to sign your copy of Freak Brothers.

For a teaser check some of his great drawings and the documentary I placed on the bottom of this post, and if you don’t know who the hell is Robert Crumb, just check his page on

Bon voyage and good luck with that donkey!

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