Women in art

Tina Newberry "Sitting duck"

Tina Newberry “Sitting duck”

Much has been said about women in art and still the topic just seems infinite. Personally I am not a fan of “women art” or “men art” or any other specific art, but recently I stumbled across three blogs speaking about, or better said showing art works made by women.

First is called Women painting women where you will find paintings of women done by women painters, followed by it`s sister blog Women drawing women, and for the end you can visit Women in the act of painting, a blog dedicated to paintings of women painting.

Sheila Pomeroy, "Woman`s room"

Sheila Pomeroy, “Woman`s room”

In all of the blogs you will find vast collection of works, some of great artists and so many of them still missing. We certainly will be tuned in for more

Enjoy your surfing!

Helen Masacz, "Nyanda"

Helen Masacz, “Nyanda”

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