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From Agnes Martin’s essay on the perfection underlying life

“What does it mean to be defeated. It means that we cannot go on. We cannot make another move. Everything that we thought we could do we have done without result. We even give up all hope of getting the work and perhaps even the desire to have it. But we still go on without hope or desire or dreams or anything. Just going on with almost no memory of having done anything.

Then it is not us.
Then it is not I.
Then it is not conditioned response.
Then there is some hope of a hint of perfection.
Without hope there is hope.
And without desire there is hope.
We do not ever stop because there is no way to stop. No matter what you do you will not escape. There is no way out. You may as well go ahead with as little resistance as possible – and eat everything on your plate.
Going on without resistance is called discipline.
Going on where hope and desire have been left behind is discipline.
Going on in an impersonal way without personal considerations is called a discipline.
Not thinking, planning, scheming is a discipline.
Not caring or striving is a discipline.”

Agnes Martin Interview (20:00 version, 1997) from Chuck Smith on Vimeo.